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A Small Step Today, For An Extraordinary Tomorrow

Fri, Aug 5, 2021
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We're all set to enter the league now. Ready for Ups and downs. No matter what's coming up next, we are prepared for it.

Introducing Codifiers - Coding Your Dream

Codifiers is a group of five aspiring web developers who are still in the learning phase as Computer Science students. For others, our story is quite simple but for us, it's a big one because during the initial days of Codifiers we didn't have any idea how to take steps forward. But obviously, our enthusiasm was on the Next level and that's why we somehow managed to start this initiative. Within a day we created profiles on almost all the social media platforms because we understand that for growing in this field we must have better networking with others.

Codifiers is a dream that is becoming true now for us slowly and gradually. This is important for our personal development in various manners too. Everyone should experience the heat of the market in the early stages of their career to understand the scenario. Well, this is not enough, there are so many other reasons or inspirations you can say, by which we get the idea of Codifiers and we will definitely share them with you someday as this is just the introductory blog.

Spirit is high, enthusiasm is on another level, steady mind that we're keeping, and most importantly focused on Quality of service with the proper skills. Currently, Codifiers work as a freelancer but soon we are going to establish ourselves as a regular IT company. That's why we named this blog "A Small Action Today, For An Extraordinary Tomorrow".

Services we are offering

As we are newbies and improving ourselves day by day therefore for now we are offering five services. These services are:-

  1. Front-End Web Development
  2. Graphic Designing
  3. Content Writing
  4. Video Editing
  5. Social Media Handling
1. Front-End Web Development -

Initially, Codifiers primary objective was to build satisfactory and genuine websites for their clients. At this point, Web Development is still on our bucket list but as we are budding developers for now that's why we decided to start our career by providing Front-End Web Development. We basically use languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in the beginning. After that, if it's required then we use some Front-End frameworks and styles too like React, Bootstrap, and NodeJs. We successfully completed our first ever project with this skill only. We believe that this Front-End Development tag would be replaced by Full-Stack Development soon.

2. Graphic Designing and Video Editing -

The one thing that is growing rapidly in the market is the need for creative Graphic Designers. At Codifiers, we bring mesmerizing designs and editing to attract people around. We try to apply visual hierarchy and page layout techniques. You can surely check out our social media post designs to have a look at our skills. We are familiar with Brand and Logo Design, Pamphlets and Flyers, Posters, Packaging Design, YouTube Video Editing, Social Media Post Design.

For this, we use software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, and much more.

3. Content Writing -

Everyone likes a good reading experience when they land somewhere to get to know something informative. So for that matter of fact, we always try to make the content full of accurate data, catchy phrases, and obviously an interesting read. We dig into the internet and other useful resources in depth to collect ideas on how to make that particular content best. This can help you to enhance your blog posts, videos and podcasts scripts, articles, tweetstorms on Twitter, text posts on Reddit, and so on.

4. Social Media handling -

Networking is the basic approach to increase your reach to the maximum population. Here comes a smart play, that is Social Media Handling. Thanks to one of our teammates who loves to explore the social media algorithm and that's beneficial for handling social media platforms smartly.

These all services are at boom nowadays plus we do these kinds of stuff passionately and this makes a perfect combo.

End of the Blog -

So that's it for today. This was the introduction to us, "Codifiers", in which we tried to give you some briefs about services we are offering right now and how good we are in them. We have so many things to tell you guys about us and what we are experiencing in our ongoing journey. A lot of things are on the to-do list. So come on be a part of this journey and keep us motivated by promoting us. Check out our social media handles.

OK then, this is Codifiers signing off.

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We are a group of five aspiring web developers who are still in the learning phase as Computer Science students.

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